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Hockey Fight Pro 1.3

Hockey Fight Pro is a very nice fighting game for the Mac.
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Ratrod Studio Inc.

Hockey Fight Pro is a very nice fighting game for the Mac. In this game, you control one of two players who engage in a fight during a Hockey game. You don't ever see the Hockey game. Every time you start a fight, you see the two players engaging and then you gain control of your player. There are two different game modes: Quick Fight and Tournament. In Quick Fight, you simply select a player and play against the computer. In Tournament, you play opponent after opponent until you are crowned the champion or lose.

For each fight that you participate in you get respect points, which you can later use to improve your physical attributes or buy new fighters.

The first time you fight, you will be able to play the tutorial, which explains the basics of the game. You can throw different types of punches and block high and low punches. During a fight, you have a stamina meter, a health meter and a special meter. When the special meter is filled, you can perform uppercuts, which are devastating if they land on your opponent.

Hockey Fight Pro is a nice, arcade fighting game. There are many achievements and the game is fun. The commentary and soundtracks are good as well.

José Fernández
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