HexAddict 1.0

HexAddict is a great, free strategy game for the Mac.

HexAddict is a great, free strategy game for the Mac. It is a variation of Minesweeper in which you have to avoid unknown hazards by figuring out where they probably are. You can either win by revealing all the hazards in the map, or by making it to the other end unharmed.

The game is played on a board with hexagonal cells. When you start, a number of these cells will be revealed. When a cell is revealed, it will show a number. That number is the number of adjacent cells with mines in them. Each cell has six adjacent cells. So when a cell shows the number 1 and you already have a mine next to it, you know that there will be five free cells. You can click on those to reveal them. You can use the right-click button to place a hazard warning on any cell. A hazard warning is a place where you think a hazard is. You won't know until the game is over or you lose.

HexAddict comes with detailed instructions on how to play the game, and from the options, you can somewhat customize gameplay. I played the game with its default settings and I had a lot of fun. The game is challenging and it makes you think, but it feels very rewarding when you win.

José Fernández
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