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Heredox is an entertaining and addictive board game for Mac PCs.

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Heredox is an entertaining board game for Mac where you take a side in the battle between two rivaling monk orders (Castians or Veridicans). The app lets you play against the computer or challenge a friend, offers you detailed game instructions, and brings nicely drawn animations.

The game lets you choose between three difficulty levels and select the preferred monk order (Castians or Veridicans). Your goal is to arrange your tiles on the 4x4-square board and surpass your opponent's number of ornament matches. However, make sure you don't place a tile the wrong way because the app doesn't provide you with an Undo button.

I, myself, found Heredox to be both relaxing and entertaining. Nevertheless, don't expect having access to a multitude of levels; the app was designed to put your strategy skills to the test for a short period of time (you won't spend much time filling the board), which is perfect for work breaks.

The thing I hate the most about this program is that it occasionally displays an annoying error ("The requested operation has been cancelled'), probably caused by a failed Gamecenter connection.

To conclude, Heredox is a fun and addictive board game that can keep you in front of your Mac for hours. The app brings amazing sound effects and nicely drawn animations, supports multiplayer gameplay mode, and comes for free.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics and background music
  • Provides you with detailed game instructions
  • Supports multiplayer gameplay mode


  • Occasionally displays an annoying error ("The requested operation has been cancelled")
  • Lacks levels
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