Hedgehog's Adventures - games for kids 1.5

An educational game for kids containing an interactive story and logic tasks.
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Hedgehog's Adventures is an educational game for kids that contains an interactive story and logic tasks within the plot. In the beginning of the story, Hedgehog sets off to find the lost shadow of his friend, Mouse. After returning from the journey, he cleans up his house while Squirrel helps him. Then Hedgehog attends Hare's birthday party. During the night, he dreams that he visits a geometry land and gets to know the shapes that live there. At the end of the story, Hedgehog and his friends build a new house in the forest.

The logic tasks in the game train attention, visual memory, and logic. For instance, the child needs to identify the odd object, find errors within the picture, solve a jigsaw puzzle, find all objects on a table, memorize the characters who came to a birthday party, pick the correct key for a lock, and so on.

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