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Meet HDRtist, the easiest HDR software program for the Mac.
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Meet HDRtist, the easiest HDR software program for the Mac, thanks to its intuitive design & streamlined interface. Mac HDR Software will never be the same.
Shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photos can be great fun, we wanted a program that would be easy and just as fun to use.
Getting your exposures or photos into HDRtist, is a breeze. Drag your photos into the HDRtist window or use the "Add Photos" button and multi-select the photos (On Leopard or Snow Leopard, you can select photos directly from your iPhoto or Aperture library). Next; use the single "Strength" slider to get a stunning result you're happy with. It's that easy, great looking HDR photos in seconds.
One of the biggest challenges of HDR Photography can be getting the HDR the way you like it.

Thats not the case with HDRtist, We spent a long time learning and exploring HDR tone mapping techniques. We've hooked them into our engine in way that we think, just makes sense.

Use the Strength slider to choose which HDR tone mapping method to use, or even a combined technique with it's nearest neighbor. Our 4 different Tone Mapping methods, range from compression, light, realistic to extreme.

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