HDMouse 2.1

With HD Mouse technology, you can program keystrokes, macros and mouse clicks.
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The intuitive interface for the HD Mouse makes creating settings a snap. Adding to the power of the HD Mouse technology is the ability to quickly and easily switch between HD Mode and standard mouse mode: simply click the scroll wheel or other designated button to toggle back and forth.
- A five button mouse becomes a 96 button mouse: modifier keys can now be combined with mouse clicks, enabling as many as 48 options on Windows and 96 unique click options on Apple Mac systems.
- Mouse clicks can be programmed into macros.
- User Profiles: up to three user profiles can be stored to accommodate additional users or multiple settings for a single application.
- Multiple ways to enter HD Mode: Scroll click (default method), Side Button 1 or Side Button 2.
- HD Mode notification icon: user selectable sizes and position provides valuable mode feedback.
- Windows key disabling: In HD Mode, the Windows key can be disabled so that it is not accidentally pressed during game play.

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