HDD Fan Control

HDD Fan Control 2.4

HDD Fan Control lets you monitor and control the speed of your HDD fans.

HDD Fan Control is a nice system utility that lets you monitor and control the speed of your internal hard drive's fans. You may notice, especially if you have replaced your Mac's hard drive, that a lot of noise can come out of your Mac because of HDD fans. This application allows you to manage the current temperature of your hard drive using S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, and it also lets you take action when the temperature reaches a certain level. If your hard drive fans make a lot of noise that probably means that they are running at full speed. You can slow them down with this application as well, but keep in mind that a hard drive that overheats won't last long.

When you launch the application, you will see a menubar icon that displays the current temperature and RPM of your hard drive. In my case, the revolutions were -1rpm so I assume that the program couldn't get accurate reading. The temperature seemed accurate enough. You can access the monitor window by clicking on the "Preferences" button on the menu. Here you will see a graph with the current temperature and drive speed. This is where you can change the speed of the fans when the temperature reaches a certain number. The temperature measurements can be taken from the hard drive's S.M.A.R.T. feature or from your Mac's internal temperature sensors.

You can download a demo of this app that will be fully functional for an hour. After that, you will have to purchase a license to keep using it.

José Fernández
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  • It lets you slow down your fans to reduce noise
  • A monitoring app
  • It can use S.M.A.R.T or internal sensors


  • The app didn't display RPM info correctly
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