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HDCleaner is a system optimization tool designed to free up computer space.

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HDCleaner is a system optimization tool designed to free up disk space. The tool helps you identify useless files that clutter the storage space of your Mac and it offers to remove them in order to improve your computer’s performance.

With a minimalist design and a simple interface, the program lets you wipe out cache and log files, browser history and cookies, mail and ordinary downloads, iOS updates and deleted files that still exist in the Trash can. The moment you open HDCleaner, the application performs an automatic scan of your hard drive and provides you with an overview of both used and free space of your Mac. It is necessary to browse your computer in order to select the system's home folder so that you can be informed about the amount of space you can reclaim if enabling the cleaning process. Once the scan is over, the program provides you with a handy report of the identified junk files, conveniently structured into clearly-defined categories of files. You can inspect each category and check the contained items, but unfortunately you aren't allowed to remove them selectively. Optionally, you can ask the program to scan for big-sized files that are larger than 100 MB in order to regain more computer space.

In short, HDCleaner is a basic system maintenance tool that improves the operating speed of your system by permanently deleting junk files. With a clean computer, the running processes will complete in good conditions and within a reasonable amount of time.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Clear storage space report
  • Structures junk files into clearly-defined categories
  • Selective cleaning of specific file categories
  • Scans for large files


  • Can't perform a selective cleaning of items within a specific category of files
  • No reminders for regular system maintenance
  • No notification when the disk space exceeds specified limits
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