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HappyGunner is a mix between a strategy game and an action game.
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HappyGunner is a mix between a strategy game and an action game. You control soldier Rodriguez, who has to stop enemy troops from escaping and defend himself from their attacks, as well. When the level starts, you get dropped off on the lower part of the screen. The first map looks like a garden. Enemies will start coming from the top and you can shoot them down with your gun. The first waves of enemies are easily dealt with, but after a while, enemies start wearing armor and it gets more complicated to kill them. Then, enemies will start coming from the sides of the screen as well. When an enemy gets past you and exits the map, you will lose, and will have to start all over again. There are multiple maps with different weapons and enemies.

In the first level, you only have a mounted machine gun, which shoots in short bursts. Then, in the following levels, you have missiles. The controls are simple, but not configurable. You aim with the arrow keys and shoot with the V or option key for missiles.

The sound effects leave a bit to be desired and the graphics aren't too good. The gameplay feels too easy at times and too hard other times. Users on the Mac App Store complain that you can't save your progress and have to start from scratch when you lose.

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José Fernández
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  • Inexpensive
  • Challenging at times


  • Too easy at times
  • Sound effects aren't great



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