Grimm's Rapunzel ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book

Grimm's Rapunzel is a 3D storybook about the famously long-braided princess.
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In this 3D storybook, a variation on the tale of Rapunzel comes to life in an interactive popup format. Users can select to have the book read to them, to read it themselves at their own pace, or to have it autoplayed. With every two or three pages there is a plot-related activity that the user can perform or skip. The book can be browsed at will without any restrictions via the table of contents.

None of the book's mini activities are much more challenging than clicking in the right places, and they're spaced to keep the attention of a small child - at least for the ten minutes or so that it takes to go through the whole thing. If you're going to have your child interacting with this repeatedly to get your money's worth, you should be OK with the values that the story promotes. The interactive activities involve helping out the characters, so few would find issue there. But the protagonist's abandonment of the only family she's known all her life in favor of a romantic involvement with a new acquaintance? Perhaps not the finest role model.

Sam's Protip: You can see how the popups are actually 3D by clicking and dragging away from any interactive objects. See if you can identify objects in the background!

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  • A selection of reading & play options
  • Immersive 3D popup format
  • Easy optional mini activities


  • Vanilla fairytale comes with stereotypes
  • Built for touchscreen

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I love this fairytale. It's great that it became available as a computer program. No need for extra shelves.

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It is interesting for kids of different ages, though the little ones might like it more. This is a colorful version of the well known fairy tale, which involves the reader into the story. It is enjoyable. The only disadvantage is that your kids spend time in front of a computer.

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