Grim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal

Grim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal is a puzzle game for Mac.
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Awards: Mac Informer Editor Rating 5
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Grim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal is a hidden object game where you play as a detective whose objective is to investigate the disappearance of Rosa Ramirez, a beautiful Spanish woman. As the plot unfolds, you will learn that the missing person unleashed an evil spirit in the form of a headless knight and your next goal is to banish the villain from the Spanish town.

You can choose between three difficulty levels based on your puzzle solving skills, play in fullscreen or windowed mode, and adjust sound effects and music levels accordingly. The app also enables you to create as many player profiles as you want.

Grim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal brings a feature that I haven't seen within other similar games: the diary contains animations and not just images and text content. Hence, your notes are recorded as nicely-drawn clips and can be accessed whenever it's necessary.

Another thing I like about this game is that you can always change the difficulty level and configure its settings (for example, increase or decrease hints refill time).

Therefore, I'd say it's worth buying the full version of Grim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal. This game is very addictive, brings a captivating storyline, and offers you numerous hours of gameplay.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics and cinematics
  • Brings various puzzles
  • Auto-saves your gameplay progress
  • Offers you plenty of useful hints and gameplay instructions


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