GreekTranscoder 1.0

conversion for polytonic Greek encodings
1.0 (See all)

GreekTranscoder is a program which converts polytonic Greek characters written using one text encoding into another one. Its primary goal is to allow the conversion of documents using older fonts and encodings into Unicode fonts. However, it also allows converting text between older encodings as well as from Unicode into those obsolete formats.
Currently GreekTranscoder supports the following legacy encodings: Beta Code GreekKeys Ismini LaserGreek Paulina Greek SGreek SPIonic SuperGreek Vilnius University WinGreek (and Son of WinGreek)
And, of course, GreekTranscoder supports Unicode, using either composed or composing characters. A Unicode text can be converted into Unicode itself with different conversion settings.
What's new in this version:
In the Unicode transcoder, the 'MATHEMATICAL FRAKTUR CAPITAL M' and 'MATHEMATICAL FRAKTUR CAPITAL P' characters were transposed: the error has been corrected. In message boxes, the program now displays icons appropriate to the context if available on the current platform. Better interrupt handling. Minor code optimzations.

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