Graphics Finder

Graphics Finder 3.1

Manage digital assets, graphic and images.

Graphics Finder is an application that helps users visually locate, copy, and organize electronic artwork files. The system is designed by graphics professionals, to be used by anybody who has a need to interact with many graphics files, and has many features that facilitate graphics production. Graphics Finder is accessed using any web browser. The application runs on Mac OS 10.4 or greater. Software-only or server configurations bundled with a G5 Server or XServe are available.
What's new in this version:
New features for version 3.1 include: Ability to index RAW camera files (.cr2, .orf, and others), such as those from Canon D5, Phase 1 P45+, Olympus, Nikon, and many other cameras that store images in this format Capture of EXIF data, including exposure, camera profile, date, time, focus Ability to index Flash Video (.flv) files Addition of other media formats, including Quicktime .m4a, .m4v...

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