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Ultra-light, hot-key-activated, full-screen interface for writing one word at a time.
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Grandview is a very interesting productivity tool. It was designed for people who write a lot on their Macs and need to focus on what they are writing and not on other open applications or windows. When Grandview is running, an icon will be placed on the menubar. From there, you can access the preferences and the help. When activated, this application hides all your windows and even your desktop and displays a white background. You can start typing right away, and the app will show you what you write as you type it, but as soon as you hit the space bar, the previous word will disappear and you won't see it anymore. When you finish a sentence, it will be displayed, but only after you type a full stop ("."). This is the default mode, but you can also see your entire text as you type it if you press the Cmd key plus the "=" key. This secondary mode works best for me, because I can't seem to concentrate on writing unless I see what I have typed a few words back. Both modes help you concentrate on what is more important: text. The default mode can even help you develop your memory.

One important feature of this application is that every single time you complete a sentence, it will be copied to the clipboard, and you can retrieve it by either pasting as you normally would or by clicking on the menubar icon. Grandview keeps multiple sentences on the clipboard at the same time, and it numbers them, so you can access the needed one easily.

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  • Hotkey support
  • It copies sentences to clipboard automatically and numbers them for easy access
  • Nice idea and implementation


  • I don't think the default mode is ideal for writing long texts


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