GoTasks 2.0

Access your Google Tasks from a simple interface with access to all tools.
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Provides a fast way to access your Google Tasks' items. Controls and connects to the service giving users full access to the items they've added to the database. Connects to the accounts while using separate cookies from your default browser. Requires Internet connection to obtain the data from the Google's servers.

GoTasks is the most useful simple and clean interface for your Google Tasks™. *** It works from your Status Bar!!! *** Is the only one that works correctly in all spaces.** Features **- System Status Bar Integration- Launch as an Agent- Two Layouts, Minimal and Canvas for multiple lists.- Visible on all spaces (without switch)- Lion Full Screen Support (only if you don't run app dockless)- Google Domains™ support- Separate Cookie session from your browser- Correctly opens links in your default browser- Correctly print your tasks** BEFORE BUY **- GoTasks requires internet connection- GoTasks is a fashion utility around the gmail tasks app.- GoTasks isn't the iPhone version* Please see screenshots before buy.Feedbacks are very appreciated so if you encounter a bug o you want to share your enhancement feel free to contact me.

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