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It's horrible.

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Scrolling on a Facebook comment is sometimes malfunction.

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It would be the best browser, if only it didn't drain the battery so fast.

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A quick browser with a well-working search engine, also provided by Google. I'm totally satisfied with the provided quality.

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That’s right

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I want my computer to run faster and not freeze on me.

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The main reason that I am sticking with Firefox is because of the extension All-In-One-Sidebar. There are various other reasons, but that is the reason I refuse to listen to my brother and try switching.
I do use Chrome, however, when I listen to music or if I want to use two Google accounts simultaneously. It's also great when I can't get Firefox to work, which doesn't happen very often.

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I agree that it is fast and light. Yet some sites still are not shown correctly in it. Though this is a minor inconvenience. In general I like how it works.

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User-friendly light browser. It is constantly modernized. Fast and comfortable search.

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1. It doesn't crash
2. Very fast
3. It makes searching much simpler
Thus, it is the best browserWink

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Google Chrome is the best browser out there!!!

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Updated Chrome, but it seems that new tab plus button is missing Sad

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My favorite browser! Very light, unbelievably fast and constantly updated!

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I love Google Chrome: the very first moment I started using it made it clear, this browser is the best one on the market. I loved ist spped and reliability, and I liked that there are no totally obscure tabs and tool I have no idea what to do with, On the other hand, on the Mac platform the browser requires really much memory. mu more than some older games from the 2000-s.
However, to my mind, high memory is a fair price for all the comfort of your browsing experience with Chrome, because I'd never use Safari despite its very modest memory requirements: its design and functionality are as far from being perfect as they can be.

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I like it, but since it became a memory harvester, I prefer Safari.

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The program is awesome. It is a great alternative for Safari. In fact, I am not using Safari as much anymore.

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