Goldfish 4.6

Create and modify customizable websites.
Develop website designs and add custom features or elements at will. Select a template for site building, change various parameters, import graphic materials and standard images to create a custom skin, organize connections and links to databases and servers, set up registration procedures, etc.

Goldfish is intended for the creation of responsive websites. Fortunately, this tool is appropriate for any kind of user. Thus, if you do not know how to code, you can just work with the visual elements. Yet, knowing how to develop HTML is an absolute advantage in terms of creating more personalized websites. The product is well documented and there is even a very handy user manual at your disposal.

Good news is that you do not need to start from scratch. In this respect, the application comes with various themes, and more of them are available online. Likewise, there are templates not only for various types of pages but also some page areas, like headers, navigation panels, main area, and footer.

The tool lets easily switch between three modes: Design, Code and Preview. In Design mode, there is the main working area in the center of the window. Moreover, there are panels on the sides for other purposes. In this respect, there is a sort of project manager on the right side, which allows you to browse the components of your project in a tree view. On the bottom, you can find a gallery containing multiple elements, including text, pictures, audio, video, shapes, menus and buttons, which you can drag and drop to the desired page section.

By switching to Code mode, it is possible to make any changes to the underlying code of the page being edited. Moreover, you can insert chunks of code you deem necessary. The Preview mode lets you test the page using the built-in browser. Still, it is allowed to preview it on any external browser as well.

Goldfish supports the latest web technologies, including HTML5 and CSS. Similarly, you can create complex web applications thanks to the possibility of using PHP, JavaScript, Java and Flash.

Once you are done editing, it is time to publish your website. In this respect, it is good that there is a built-in FTP publisher, which can transfer your data securely to the desired server. Besides, it is possible to upload your website to the Fishbeam cloud. Unfortunately, the tool does not support SFTP (SSH) and WebDAV protocols. However, it does allow saving your page in the PDF format.

All in all, Goldfish is a good solution for web development irrespective of your design or coding skills. The product is available in two different versions: Standard and Professional. In this regard, there are many features only available from the Pro version, which include using forms, 3D models, password protection for individual pages and search boxes.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports creating responsive websites
  • Excellent help documentation
  • Various themes and templates
  • Multiple pre-built elements
  • Allows editing the underlying code
  • Supports the latest web technologies
  • Built-in browser to preview your site
  • Built-in FTP publisher


  • SFTP (SSH) and WebDAV not supported
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