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Gold Strike 1.2

Gold Strike is an entertaining puzzle game for Mac.
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CleverMedia, Inc.

Gold Strike is a puzzle game for Mac where your goal is to remove gold blocks from the board and prevent the mine from filling up before the levels end. The more golden blocks and artifacts you collect during the gameplay, the higher your final score will get.

This app provides you with five game modes: Bottomless Pit (endless level), Strategy (no time limit), Archeology (collect 30 artifacts before the mine fills with blocks), and Dynomite (you click over dynamites and remove 9 blocks).

The game is a nice variation of Bejeweled (tile-matching puzzle video game) and provides you with nicely-drawn graphics. You can disable sound effects if necessary, consult the help guide for gameplay instructions, and check the highest scores.

An important disadvantage is the fact that you cannot save your progress no matter what game mode you choose to play.

Nevertheless, the game is quite addictive and fun to play during breaks from work. Plus, you don't have to pay a dime to use it on your Mac. So, I can't find any reasons why you shouldn't at least try Gold Strike.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics
  • Offers you five game modes
  • Comes with a comprehensive help guide
  • Free


  • Unable to save game progress
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