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It's a Mac program that helps you easily download games from GOG website.
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GOG.com is a very popular distribution platform that provides you with daily game and movie offers. GOG Downloader is a program that offers a simple and quick way to download items purchased from the aforementioned website to your Mac and notifies you about new patches and forum replies.

Of course, in order to download any game or movie from the GOG website you need to create a personal account using your default browser. After you log in to your new account, it's important to complete the following step: enable GOG.com Downloader mode (this option appears on the right side of game or movie details window).

In my testing, I looked for a free game on the GOG webpage and clicked the download button. GOG Downloader launched immediately and started transferring the data to my Mac. I like the fact that you can always pause and resume download processes.

Another good aspect about this application is that it offers options to set the download speed limit and number of concurrent connections.

As a conclusion, this program proves to be a reliable solution for Mac users who wish to download large (more than 1GB) games or movies from GOG website. However, I'd say it doesn't worth installing GOG Downloader on your Mac if the items you need to download are small in size.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy to handle
  • You can pause and resume downloads whenever you like
  • Free of charge


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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