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Very innovative product, a truly visual software tool that can help you on "getting things done".
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GoalEnforcer is a very innovative product, a truly visual software tool that can help you on "getting things done". Its powerful, but yet simple visual tools can help you on planning, task management, project management, project tracking, team-improvement, self-improvement, goal achievement and much more. The number of applications is growing day by day.
GoalEnforcer is based on the principles of human "Working Memory" and "Short Term Memory" in order to maximize the the efficiency of the user's thinking process. It has been known from extensive research that human "Working Memory/Short Term Memory" are optimal to hold around 7 items at a time. GoalEnforcer provides a graphical programming environment through the use of a designer window and a complete set of visual editing tools that can help you show tasks in groups not bigger than 7 at a time (on screen). Subtask generation and navigation tools help you to split and group your tasks, such that you keep a neat and organized view of the project at all times. This translates into a nice, agreeable user experience, that can help you get plans outlined more efficiently and faster.
GoalEnforcer also includes nice status report and charting tools that can greatly help you on tracking and communicating your progress. It allows reports to be generated in HTML and also plain text format. It also export reports in CSV and XML, so that you can easily import them into other applications (ex., spreadsheet applications). Through the use of a "color code system" tasks can be easily identified as "completed", "future task", "in progress", "running behind", "due today", and "overdue". A nice chart plots your milestones accomplishments, such that your progress can be easily tracked and optimized.
All reports, including the charts, can be saved, emailed, or uploaded by FTP to a Web site. GoalEnforcer has internal automatic tools to email and FTP your reports (as you wish). All graphical interface. Easy to use: get started in minutes by following the interactive tutorial. Brainstorm stimulator, helps you generate and organize your ideas. Focused radial graphs keep your thinking process organized and increase your productivity. Browser-like navigation: go through your plan the same way you navigate the internet. Monitor your progress. Color code reminds your about approaching due dates. Generate and share nice status report and progress charts.
GoalEnforcer is available in three tiers: Starter ($14), Standard ($36), and Hyperfocus ($67). Details can be found here.

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