Go for YouTube

Go for YouTube 1.9

It offers a convenient solution to access YouTube without a web browser.

Go for YouTube offers a convenient solution to access YouTube without a web browser. The program installs in the menu bar of your Mac so that you can launch it with ease whenever you want to visit the site.

The application is very simple and easy to manage. Clicking the tool's icon connects you automatically to YouTube. Once the website's window is displayed, you can search for uploaded video files and view their content just like when using your browser. The Preferences menu lets you customize the app in order to benefit from a better YouTube experience on your Mac. Therefore, you can ask the app to launch at system login, choose a favorite hotkey to toggle its window, and keep the program above other windows or as an unobtrusive background app. In addition, you can change the text appearance by choosing the font size you prefer, set the window opacity, and prevent displaying annoying ads. Furthermore, the tool comes with a very handy feature that refers to video playback – namely, you can set the program to pause the video when the window is hidden and resume it when the window is active again. What is more, the app can notify you visually and acoustically when new videos are posted or comments are added to files you uploaded.

In short, this application is designed for users who access YouTube frequently. With this tool, you will be able to connect to YouTube with a single mouse click, without intermediate web browsers.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Direct YouTube connection
  • Removes YouTube adds
  • Can control window opacity
  • Can resize the window
  • Notifies you about new posts


  • Doesn't have a mobile viewing mode
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