GMap 1.1

Simplest way to find any location.
1.1 (See all)

GMap is the simplest way to find any location.
Select a location and familiarize yourself with all the details, without leaving the comfort of your mac.
This app makes traveling and strategizing about routes and possible destination a breeze.
* Search for locations in the smart frame
* Worldwide search possible
* Multitask while the smart frame is providing maps
* Satellite maps
* Traffic flow maps
* Bicycle routes
* user friendly directions (printer friendly)
* personalize your maps
* the list goes on
The picture version of this app is iPicture, the video versions are iTube and Tube HD. try them out.
In the tradition of all iLifeTouch apps G Map ill make your life easier one day at a time.
Please inspire us to improve G Map we are always updating our apps, suggestions are very important to us.

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