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Quark 7 export: html, xml, palm, word...
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WebXPress Pro is the choice of professionals for re-purposing Quark documents into web pages, Word documents, XML and much more. WebXPress Pro is in use throughout the world including some of the world's largest book, magazine and newspaper publishers. Easy-to-use, inexpensive and highly automated, WebXPress Pro makes transition between the world of paper and the electronic superhighway painless. It exports QuarkXPress text and pictures in the blink of an eye with many options for how it's done. In fact, WebXPress Pro can convert an entire folder full of Quark documents in a matter of moments or a 20 page document in seconds. Features include: DHTML output option comes closer than ever to matching Quark's layout Better control over special characters--output as ASCII codes or names Save presets for easy recall of settings WebXPress Pro Version Includes: Custom Tags eBook using Open eBook 1.0 standards Valid XML for databases Palm OS SEC (Edgar) compliant Font substitution allows you to replace particular characters in specific fonts with the HTML of your choice AppleScriptable Batch Automation
What's new in this version:
Added new export order list, allowing users to manually rearrange the order in which boxes are exported Improved style mapping and fixed bug when many styles were in use Improved table options High-quality graphics take advantage of new hi-res previews in Quark



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