Global Conflicts: Palestine Demo

Global Conflicts: Palestine Demo 1.0

Investigate critical issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a journalist.
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In Global Conflicts: Palestine, you are a journalist, exploring a 3D environment representing a section of Jerusalem. In each of six missions, you must investigate a story in one, a checkpoint where Palestinians are being screened for entry and interview the people you meet. In each, some newsworthy event occurs e.g., a suicide bombing. You are permitted a limited number of quotes, and must choose when, during a conversation, you choose to write a quote down in your notebook. At the end of the mission, your story is submitted to your editor, and scored on the basis of the quotes, and the political bias of the paper you choose to write for (you can choose an Israeli, Palestinian, or European paper).
Global Conflicts Palestine is a worthy and very different take on its subject and worth a look both by those interested in these issues, and those interested in how game techniques can be used to illuminate our world. This version is the first release on CNET
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This version is the first release on CNET

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