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GL Golf is a nice golf simulation game for the Mac.
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GL Golf is a nice golf simulation game for the Mac. I will first start by saying that I don't know much about golf. However, I do recognize when a game attempts and succeeds in trying to simulate a sport rather than creating a simple arcade game. This is the case with GL Golf. Although it doesn't have the best graphics you have seen in a sports game, it does a great job of considering every little aspect that makes up the golfing experience. You can account for wind, you can give the ball spin, there are trees, water, etc.

When you are playing, you will see your character, and a mini-map on the right. By using the up and down arrow keys, you choose the club that you want to use, and the estimated power you are going to get with each club shown on the mini-map. You start your shots with the spacebar, and you control spin with the S and W keys. As I mentioned above, there are some factors that you need to account for when taking your shot. When I played the game, I often forgot to account for wind, so the ball would deviate quite a lot from my intended target. When you hit the water because you failed to calculate wind, you will not feel very good.

The game comes with 6 different golf courses. You can buy more courses within the game, or you can get the deluxe version, which comes with more courses. If you want to test the application before you buy it, you can download the lite version.

In short, the game is thorough at simulating the sport. I found that at times, the ball doesn't move like it should do in real life in certain types of terrain, but that is just me being picky.

José Fernández
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