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Tool for downloading video or audio from the YouTube site.
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Get Tube is a YouTube video downloader and browser. It is a desktop app that allows you to connect to YouTube without using a web browser. Also, it can download videos off YouTube in two different ways. The usual way is for you to type in or paste a video URL, which the app will download. But since Get Tube is such a great YouTube browser, you can simply find the video that you want to download, and click the "Download" button.

During my time with Get Tube I experienced a few problems. The first one was before even running the app. It took me over 25 minutes to download this app, it is too long for a 3-megabyte file.Then, when I tried downloading videos, I just couldn't get any. When I clicked on download, a little window appeared with the title of the video. And it just sat there doing nothing. I didn't get a progress bar or anything like that. I have it some time, but nothing happened. After that, I couldn't go back to the application, and I had to "force-quit" it to relaunch it.

I liked using Get Tube as a video browser, though. All the videos loaded very fast, and the application was stable and responsive.

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  • It works well as a video browser


  • I couldn't get the video download feature to work

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I wanted to download some videos and simply couldn't. I still do not know what caused the trouble. So, I am looking for another program. Still, I can't deny that it is great as a video browser.

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I don't like downloading videos as I need the space on my hard drive for other things, so didn't check it for having any bugs in this field. Speaking of it as a video browser, I totally agree with the reviewer. It works fast and well.

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