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Get Songs Off iPod 1.3

Copy Songs from your iPOD to your Mac.
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As you know, iTunes makes it very easy for you to copy music from your computer to your iPOD. But what if you need to go the other direction? For example, if your hard drive crashed, and you lost all of your music (but it was still on your iPOD), you could use this program to get those songs back on your computer. This software makes it easy for you to get a list of songs that are saved on your iPOD, and import the files to a chosen location on your computer. Without this app, It is already possible to connect your iPod or iPhone to your computer and enable the viewing of hidden files. In doing this, you will see that Apple has renamed your music with short, unidentifiable names that are just codes. If you were to copy all of these songs out of your iPod, you would have no way of knowing which file was which. By using this free app, we enable you to recover the songs from your iPod - and have them be named in such a way that you can understand them - with the artist and song title in the file name.
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Code Signed for 10.7 and later. Ready for Mavericks

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