German FlashCards BASIC

German FlashCards BASIC 1.0

German FlashCards BASIC is a foreign language vocabulary learning tool.

German FlashCards BASIC is a foreign language vocabulary learning tool by Declan Software. This Basic German version includes over 150 words and phrases each with a native speaker audio recording. Words are organized into 7 WordFiles with each WordFile containing up to 50 words.

To switch to another wordfile simply press the “Load Another WordFile” button and then select the WordFile you desire from the “Load WordFile” table. The Audio FlashCards comes preloaded with 3 WordFiles – all other WordFiles are downloaded by the application as required using an internet connection. If a WordFile needs to be downloaded before it can be used it will have a grey icon next to it in the “Load WordFile” table. To start downloading the WordFile simply select that WordFile and then press the “Start Download” button.

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