Geisha: The Secret Garden

Geisha: The Secret Garden

Geisha: The Secret Garden is a fun and addictive board game.
Casual Box Studio

Geisha: The Secret Garden is a matching board game where your goal is to pair identical tiles and achieve the target score before you run out of time. The app provides you with a captivating storyline, numerous challenges, various power-ups and hints to help you complete the levels.

The game allows you to choose from two game modes: Normal (with a timer) or Relax (no time limit); this option can be changed whenever it's necessary. At the beginning of each level, you learn about its goals (for instance, match a certain type of tiles) and how to complete them (for example, by moving tiles only vertically).

The faster you complete the levels, the bigger your final score gets. You also receive coins which can be used to make upgrades to your garden.

A disadvantage of Geisha: The Secret Garden is that it doesn't allow you to replay completed levels. This aspect might prove to be annoying whenever you don't achieve the score you require on a certain level.

As for the rest, the game provides you with a fun way to spend your spare time. You have access to dozens of challenging levels, two game modes, and plenty of hints on the way. Plus, the app comes with a reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Captivating storyline
  • Brings you numerous challenging levels
  • Offers you plenty of hints
  • You can customize your garden according to your needs


  • Unable to replay levels
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