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Find out how powerful your system is by running various tests.
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Geekbench is a Mac utility that helps you check the performance of your computer by running various tests. It will prove useful for those who want to upgrade their computers and need to know exactly which hardware components they should change.

The program helps you complete two types of benchmark tests: CPU and GPU. Geekbench measures the performance of your computer by simulating common compute tasks. For example, for GPU testing it can run tasks similar to image processing.

Also, you can keep track of your previous test results and compare them with new ones. Simply log in to your Geekbench account on the homepage of the developer (you can create a personal account on the homepage of the developer).

The only thing that bothers me is the fact that Geekbench provides you with the scan results in your default web browser instead of the program's interface. Still, this way, you can easily share the results with other people by sending them the offered URL.

All in all, Geekbench proves to be a reliable solution for checking how powerful your Mac really is. The application is easy-to-use, provides you with accurate information, and comes with a reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Fast processing speed
  • Provides you with a detailed report
  • Doesn't slow down the performance of your Mac while running the selected tests


  • Offers the results in your default web browser
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