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Geekbench is a very popular benchmarking tool for the Mac.
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Geekbench is a very popular benchmarking tool for the Mac. Whenever a new Mac is released, the first thing you will see (after those unboxing videos on YouTube) is a bunch of Geekbench results. Geekbench tests lots of different components on your Mac and it assigns an individual score to each one. Then it calculates the overall score of your Mac. There are three different versions of Geekbench, two are paid and one is free. The paid versions are the 64-bit version and the Rosetta version. I did my testing with the free one.

When you first run Geekbench, you will see a window with some general information about your Mac, such as your platform, model, processor type and speed, memory, and OS X version and build. To start the benchmark tests, just press the corresponding button. The tests don't take longer than 30 seconds. The results window shows a summary of your score, and your total in a bigger font, to make it easily noticeable. Below is the comprehensive information about your system and how it performed on the test. You can then share your results on the web by clicking on the "Submit" button.

All in all, this is the most popular benchmarking tool out there. I just hate that I got a low score, now I need to upgrade my Mac again.

José Fernández
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