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GCompris is a software suite comprising of numerous activities for children
02 Oct 2022
2 Oct 2010
14 Sep 2020
Editorial review

What's new

v0.9 [14 Sep 2020]
We are pleased to announce the release of GCompris version 0.97.
This new version contains 2 new activities:
A programming maze: to learn the basics of programming with a few instructions
Baby tangram: to learn the basics of tangram (this activity corresponds to the lowest levels of previous tangram activity)
And a lot of new features:
new sub-categories to organize activities
new background music feature and audio tracks
new volume settings for audio effects
new speed setting in several activities (gletters, algebra, readingh, note_names)
new feature in chess activities to display captured pieces
new option to go to next level manually in drawletters and drawnumbers
new voices for en_US
new images for colors activity
new images for advanced_colors activity
new images for target activity
improve settings layout
improve share activity layout
improve categorisation activity layout
resource files are now stored in KDE server (https://cdn.kde.org/)
add a tutorial to even/odd numbers
add intro to piano_composition
add malayalam dataset to gletters
add breton dataset to wordsgame
fix voices not playing in geography
fix sounds not playing in mining
fix portrait mode in binary_bulb
fix high cpu load in menu
fix hint image size in photo_hunter
fix layout in color_mix
and lots of other small fixes...

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