GCal Toolkit

GCal Toolkit 1.2

Google Calendar help, repair, and maintenance.

"GCal Toolkit" is a tool to help you clean, organise and maintain Google Calendars.
If you or your business manage important calendars on Google, GCalToolkit is the software you need to keep everything neat and tidy - and it comes with personal support for all your calendar issues.
The most common uses include removing duplicates caused by faulty syncing, and deleting or moving events between calendars to keep the size of your synced calendars to a minimum, while keeping older data available for reference.
You can customise the column view and export spreadsheets, add prefixes/suffixes or replace text throughout multiple calendars, apply case sensitive filtering, make mass edits to the busy/free status of groups of events, make mass edits to the "guests can modify" field, and more.
When you are ready, click" Sync to Google" to copy all the changes you made into your Google Calendars. Please back up your Google Calendars before using the software - as you should do anyway on a regular basis.
GCalToolkit for OS X brings real-time sorting/filtering and other improvements and additions to make calendar maintenance with GCalToolkit easier and more powerful than ever before.
Main features:
Remove any number of duplicate events easily.
Clean up failed syncs and imports in a few clicks
List / Delete events based on dates, types and filters
Change "Busy/Free" status, and "Guests can modify event" en masse
Search / Replace any text in your calendar
Make mass changes to Google Calendar Reminders
Export filtered & sorted event lists to spreadsheets
Mass Copy/Move events between calendars
"GCal Toolkit" comes with personal support to help with all your Google Calendar problems.
If you or your business need GCalToolkit to do something else, Let me know!
What's new in this version:
Improved Duplicate Detection

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