gAssistant 2.4

An application that allows users to control the pitch and tempo of music files.
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If you have just encountered a music track you want to play and there is no tablature or score available online, gAssistant may just be the tool for you. The application is designed to help users slow down, speed up or change the tempo of music files in order to better hear specific sections. It has a compact and intuitive interface making it simple to use and what's more, it's free of charge.

gAssistant supports drag and drop actions for a wide range of audio formats. Once loaded, the waveform of the song will be displayed. Additional controls can activate the left side panel, which will show the pitch and tempo functions. What makes this application particularly effective is that it allows users to modify either pitch or tempo controls while the music is playing with instant effect and no sound quality loss.

When enabled, gAssistant will synchronize the waveform to the playback position.

The application's icon may suggest that its use will best fit a guitar player but in fact can be used for multiple purposes. It makes for a great tool for learning a foreign language due to the built-in loop function.

gAssistant may offer a limited set of features, but it is fast, effective and free.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Simple to use
  • No quality loss with custom temp and pitch


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