FuzzMeasure Pro

FuzzMeasure Pro 4.2

Acoustic measurement for rooms & speakers.
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FuzzMeasure allows you to see and understand the acoustic properties of audio equipment and listening spaces. By accurately measuring the frequency response of a room or electrical component, FuzzMeasure reveals resonant frequencies, muddy bass, tinny treble and other elusive, qualitative sonic properties. FuzzMeasure allows you to easily compare multiple responses side-by-side, which enables you to make incremental tweaks (moving furniture in a room, for example) and immediately see the difference. FuzzMeasure's design makes a highly complex tool very easy to use. Whether you use FuzzMeasure as a hobbyist, or you work in the acoustics or audio field, you will appreciate the work that went into making it easier to get your work done. Download a copy and try it out for yourself.

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