Extract foreground objects from dull, inexpressive, or unwanted backgrounds.
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FunPhotocut2 is an image editor that allows you to extract foreground objects from dull, inexpressive, or unwanted backgrounds. The new images can be saved to your computer drive or shared online directly from within the application.

Although the app's purpose is remarkable, its functionality leaves room for complaint. Namely, the tool is difficult to manage, the selection of the objects you want to cut is troublesome, and the resolution of the resulting picture is rather poor. It seems that the application comes with three selection modes, but the way you can handle them is quite intriguing. The tool doesn't offer any guidance in understanding the selection and/or the editing features, which aren't intuitive at all. And, if it happens to mark a specific area erroneously from the beginning, making the rectification is a delicate issue. The lack of Undo option forces you to use the eraser, which makes you waste a lot of time. Furthermore, the app doesn't provide mirror-like preview panels to compare the original image with the resulting picture.

In short, FunPhotocut2 is a foreground image extractor you should avoid since it can't help you with anything. It is difficult to use, and the resulting images are of unsatisfactory quality.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Extract background objects


  • Difficult to manage
  • No mirror-like preview panels to compare images
  • No Undo option
  • Poor resolution of the resulting image