FunBridge 3.2

This application lets you play Bridge card game on your Mac.
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Bridge is a popular card game that's played by 4 players in two opponent teams and consists of four major stages: card dealing, bidding, gameplay, and scoring. FunBridge is a program that enables you to play the aforementioned game directly from your Mac.

This app allows you to practice your card playing skills, take part of online tournaments, and challenge other three online players to a quick Bridge game. Though, before starting any of these games you need to create a personal account (directly from the app interface).

Each week you can play a maximum of 10 deals, but you can always go to FunBridge homepage and acquire more. After completing a deal, the application automatically updates gameplay statistics, allows you to replay any contract (deal), and check your progress.

I like that it offers you an option to invite Facebook friends to try out the app and take part of quick matches. You can also challenge a FunBridge friend to play a game (an invitation is sent to the user, valid only for 24 hours).

FunBridge is a program that offers you an entertaining for spending your spare time in front of your Mac. This app provides you with a nicely designed interface, lets you play against users from all over the world, and is free to use.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides you with various game options
  • You can challenge Facebook friends to a quick game
  • Offers you detailed statistics regarding your gameplay


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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