FRS Coloring Book Volume 2

FRS Coloring Book Volume 2

FRS Coloring Book is a very simple coloring application for kids.
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FRS Coloring Book is a very simple coloring application that allows kids to color different drawings. The application includes 100 drawings covering different subjects. The drawings can also be printed, so that kids can color them with real pencils. To paint in the program, kids should click on the desired color in the color palette on the right and then click on the part of the drawing they wish to color. To change a color, kids should do the same. The trial version only allows you to color the first 5 pages.

Every drawing even includes a word or letter that stands for what is shown in the picture, so that kids can also learn to name the creature or thing they are coloring. There is a short message written under the drawings, so that those kids who already know how to read can also learn more words or phrases. Funny sounds are played when you click on something, but if you want, you can disable them from the Settings menu. Unfortunately, the application doesn't offer any drawing tools and it is not run in full screen, which means that kids can have access to your computer.

In short, if you are looking for a very simple coloring application for your kids, FRS Coloring Book may work for you. However, there are much better coloring applications out there.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • 100 drawings
  • You can print the drawings
  • Funny sounds
  • Nice illustrations with words and even phrases


  • No full screen
  • No music
  • No drawing tools
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