Frogs vs. Storks 1.5

Evil storks have invaded the pond!! But the frogs are putting up quite a fight!!
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Frogs vs. Storks is an enjoyable game in which you move your frogs to the yellow leaves at the top of the screen without being eaten by the storks. To move your frogs, click on any of the adjacent leaves. When you move the frog, the stork moves in the opposite direction. There are also insects and flowers scattered around the board. When you eat an insect or flower you get points, but if the stork eats them, you lose points. The board also has torn leaves, which can cause the frog or stork to get to the initial position if they step onto them. There are also slippery leaves which cause the frog or stork to continue sliding in the same direction. The storks can also lay eggs that you can collect to get extra points. As you progress, you may have more than one frog to move, so you must click on the one you wish to move. Of course, the game gets more and more challenging as you advance, adding many more traps and obstacles.

The games are timed and your moves are counted, so the faster you reach the target and the fewer moves you make, the more score your will get. There are many achievements that you can get by reaching certain goals. Unfortunately, the game includes only one mode. The game features nice graphics and sounds, and the music is really pleasant.

In short, if you are looking for an enjoyable game to pass the time, Frogs vs. Storks may be a nice choice.

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  • Enjoyable
  • Multiple levels of increasing difficulty
  • Achievements
  • Pleasant music


  • Only one mode



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