French FlashCards BASIC

French FlashCards BASIC 2.2

French FlashCards BASIC will help you improve your French skills.

French FlashCards BASIC is a tiny application that will help you improve your French skills effortlessly. As its name suggests, this tool provides a simple and reliable way through which one can start to learn the French language.

Although French FlashCards BASIC was designed as an easy-to-use application, with the beginner user in mind, you should know that its content is fully customizable, so you can create your own learning schedule. There are seven categories, each one containing from seven to twenty-five relevant words.

Along with the intuitive-to-use interface, this piece of software also integrates an audio feature. This means that you can listen to the recorded version of any existing word, in order to verify the accuracy of your learning process.

A built-in search engine allows you to look after a word you're interested in and get its translation.

There are four types of exercises with multiple choices (word, spelling, meaning and listening) and they are based on learning lists. An interesting feature is the "Sticky List" option that allows you to mark the words that are very important for you. A sticky word will not be added to the learning list, until you remove it from the previous category.

French FlashCards BASIC also integrates an upgrade button, through which you can obtain its extended version, if you decide that the program is worth buying.

Practically, French FlashCards BASIC is the right solution for anyone who is looking for an easy way to learn Moliere's language.

Josephine Seaman
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  • User-friendly and customizable interface
  • Search engine
  • Sticky list feature


  • Limited number of words
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