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Freecell Royale 1.0

Freecell Royale is an entertaining card game for Mac.
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Freecell Royale comes in handy whenever you're on a break from work and wish to play a quick card game match. This Solitaire-based card game comes with nice graphics and animations, gives you access to detailed instructions, and allows you to undo as many moves as you need.

Your objective is to arrange all cards to their correspondent foundation (all heart cards to heart foundation, etc.) by moving them in order from Ace to King. Your game is timed, however, the app won't record the statistics (amount of time you spend completing games). It will only show you a message if you complete a game faster than on previous challenges.

Personally, I would've liked this game more if there was some kind of a plot. On the homepage of the app a storyline is presented. My guess was that I would get to complete various challenges to reach a certain goal. This wasn't the case as the app doesn't provide you with multiple levels.

Another thing that bothers me is that I cannot save the progress while playing a card game so that I continue it some other time.

Nonetheless, Freecell Royale can be downloaded and installed without paying any money. So, I can't find any reasons why you shouldn't try it, especially if you need this game for a quick break from work.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics
  • Provides you with Undo option
  • Brings you a helpful guide
  • Free


  • Doesn't keep track of your game times
  • Unable to save game progress and resume later
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