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Free Metacafe Downloader for Mac 1.2

Free Metacafe Downloader for Mac is a video download utility.
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Free Metacafe Downloader for Mac is a video download utility. It was designed to let you download videos from, a somewhat popular video-sharing website that specializes in short videos on movies, entertainment, comedy, video games, and sports. There is a lot of HD content available on the website.

This downloader is a very simple app that requires little user input. All you really need to do is paste the URL of the video that you want to download, choose the quality of the file to be downloaded and where to save it. There is also a quick download called "One-click download" which disables the download customization window and starts the download immediately with settings picked by the app.

In my testing, I was unable to get the application to download a single video. What I did was the following: I browsed to and randomly clicked on a video on the home page. I then copied the URL and clicked on "Paste URL" on the application's main window. The download configuration window popped up and I clicked on "OK". Immediately, the video was added to the download queue and an error message that read " to download" appeared next to the video's name. After this, the application froze and I had to force-quit it and relaunch it.

José Fernández
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