Free FLV to 3GP Converter for Mac

Free FLV to 3GP Converter for Mac 1.1

This is a free FLV to 3GP video converter for the Mac.

Free FLV to 3GP Converter can be employed to convert your FLV videos to the 3GP format, which is still popular these days among users of non-smart phones (or dumb phones, as they are also called). FLV files are often downloaded from YouTube or similar video sharing websites, so this application becomes useful if you want to convert those videos to play them on your phone. There are six conversion files for specific phones, or you can simply select 3GP and change the conversion settings manually.

This converter is very simple. The graphical user interface is easy to understand and use. All you should do is to load a file, select a profile and start the process. If you want, you can change the conversion settings on a separate window, but you don't have to.

In my experience, I converted a sample FLV into the standard 3GP profile. The process was almost instantaneous and the resulting file played well on VLC. The resolution of the file was drastically reduced, to fit those small phone screens, so the quality of the file played on a computer screen leaves a lot to be desired.

Inside the DMG that you download to get this app, you will find two versions: Intel and PPC. If you have a newer Mac, you want to use the Intel version, but it is nice to see that PPC is still supported, especially for users of older Macs.

José Fernández
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