Frat House: The Perfect Score

Frat House: The Perfect Score 1.0

Join Dexter Mitchell in his quest to become the Big Man On Campus.
1.0 (See all)
Gogii Games Corp.

Join Dexter Mitchell in his quest to become the Big Man On Campus in the zany new game Frat House: The Perfect Score. It's time to join Alpha Sigma Sigma. Your job? Take care of your frat bros' every need, gain their respect - and with it - the popularity you need to score the girl of your dreams. With a little work, maybe you can even become president. Frat House: The Perfect Score is a hilarious look at classic frat antics and stereotypes. Presented in a cartoon-style, filled with slapstick comedy, suggestive humour and self-mocking characters, this is the place to pledge your allegiance.

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