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FrameCycler PRO is the industry standard for review of frame sequences.
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FrameCycler PRO is the industry standard for review of frame sequences on your desktop. It works in tandem with content-creation and compositing applications providing artists with instant playback access to their projects on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Since its inception in 2001, FrameCycler has been adopted by most VFX and post facilities around the world. FrameCycler plays virtually any format, so there's no waiting around for file conversions. Sequences load quickly and almost every function can be activated with a single hotkey or mouse click. FrameCycler supports all standard file formats used in today's post environments, including OpenEXR, DPX, TIFF, TGA, Cineon and many others. In addition, FrameCycler supports Quicktime and AVI files and all digital cinema RAW formats in use today. On LINUX and Windows, FrameCycler runs natively in 64 bit mode, allowing you to take advantage of large RAM caches on 64 bit operating systems. Along with a powerful set of playback controls, FrameCycler PRO includes a treasure chest of image analysis tools. The Vectorscope, Histogram, Waveform and Color Picker provide image data and the Interactive Zoom tool allows for precise examination of any part of a frame or sequence. Channel views make it easy to find artifacts or check for compatibility issues against various output formats.

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