frame edit

frame edit 1.4

painting plug-in for iMovie
1.4.1 (See all)

Frame edit is a drawing plug-in for iMovie. It lets you edit every single frame of your video clip, and then directly integrates the changes into your clip -- all from within iMovie.
Frame edit sports direct (on-screen at 1:1 resolution for both DV NTSC and DV PAL), non-destructive (until you apply changes) editing with the following tools:
* multiple brush sizes (1x1 to 8x8)
* millions of colors (pick directly from clip or use color picker)
* 256 levels of opacity for all tools (pen, line, fill, smudge, and picture)
* fill
* lines / boxes
* stippled (dashed) lines with user-controlled stipple size
* direct import/placement and re-size of pictures (with direct control of opacity)
* smudge tool to get rid of those small errors
What should I use it for?
Frame edit is a movie repair, retouch, and annotating tool. use it to
* post-production (remove errors and/or artifacts)
* special effects
Please note that we have two related plug-ins ('movie canvas' and 'simple canvas') that provide similar features, except that their focus is on annotation rather than restoration/special f/x

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