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Free Fragged is a nice game in which you must use grenades to destroy your enemies.
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Fragged is a nice game in which you must use grenades to destroy your enemies. The main character, a funny boy, cannot move, so your aim is to direct the grenades using an arrow and use power to throw them as far as you need. If you need more power, what you have to do is to keep the mouse button pressed until you obtain the desired level of power.

The game is comprised of several levels, which are getting more and more challenging as you progress through the game. As you advance, there will be more enemies to destroy and it will be more difficult to reach them. The number of frags is limited, so yo must use them wisely. In order to kill the enemies, the grenade must get relatively near. The nearer the frag, the more points you will get. There might be obstacles like boxes that you can avoid or even move by throwing frags at them. If you fail to pass a level, you can replay it as many times as you need, so you never lose. In fact, more levels are unlocked as you complete the previous ones. The levels look a bit different as you advance, but they all look very nice, with clear sky and clouds moving from one side to the other; there are also rivers, trees, and other elements of lanscape.

In short, Fragged is a challenging and enjoyable game in which you will test your aim and have fun for a while.

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  • Many levels
  • Free
  • Nice scenes
  • You never lose


  • No music



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