Four Rivers Free!

Four Rivers Free! 1.0

A digital vesion of the classic mahjong solitaire.
1.0 (See all)
Play mahjong solitaire in the digital environment with backgrounds and sounds stylyzed accordingly. Move the Shisen-sho figures according to classic rules and check your scores during and between sessions. The core gameplay consists of connecting lines of elements.

Four Rivers Free brings the classic Four Rivers mahjong solitaire game variation (also known as Shisen-sho) to your desktop!
In the Four Rivers Free variation, the tiles you match must connect with at most three lines. You'll find many unique and clever paths in every game. It's a fun challenge for anyone who enjoys classic mahjong solitaire. But don't worry, if you get stuck we've got hints and mulligans to help get you out of any tight spots.
With a variety of difficulty levels to match every skill, you're sure to find this game fun and addictive!

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