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FotoMagico Pro 3.8

FotoMagico allows you to flow those pictures freely into a slideshow
3.8.8 (See all)
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As a photographer, you want to make great pictures that tug at your audience’s emotions. FotoMagico allows you to flow those pictures freely into a slideshow and to mix them with movies to impress your audience. Sound is just a drag and drop away, too. FotoMagico gives you sophisticated shows with sound and high-end transitions in minutes. Like the Mac itself, it never stands in your way. The soundtrack propels a great show. Pick a slow ballad for the thoughtful shots, and upbeat hip-hop or rock for wild action. FotoMagico lets you choose any song in your iTunes library to fit the mood of your images, and start it exactly when the right image pops up. You can also use GarageBand songs or iLife Sound Effects to enhance your slideshow, voice-overs, or compose a one-of-a-kind score for your show. Add narration with the built-in audio recorder to vitalize your story (FotoMagico Pro only). Three audio tracks give you plenty of choices. Image quality is the acid test for everything in FotoMagico before it’s even considered for release. Your images are the heart of your presentation, so preserving their quality isn’t just a goal, it’s mandatory. We constantly tear down and rebuild animation, transitions and export routines to improve the look of your show.

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