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FormMate™ enables you to fill out pdf forms and generate new pdf files...
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FormMate enables you to fill out pdf files on your computer. It is a very simple process to open up a pdf, add text data to the pdf, add any image files that you need (an image of your signature, a check mark...), and print, fax, or save the filled in pdf to disk.
Some key features of FormMate include:
- FormMate "references" the pdf. It does not modify the pdf in any way.
- QuickCells allows the user to define commonly used text and images, and quickly add them to documents.
- You can include the pdf in the file (for portability to other computers), or reference the pdf, to save space.
- You have unlimited scaling capabilities, for precise alignment of your inputs.
- Tools are included for layout and alignment of your data.
- You can readily see where all of the data that you have added to the pdf.
- FormMate automatically checks for updates at startup (you can disable this feature if you wish), and can automatically the newer version if one is found. This keeps you up-to-date with the latest version.
- FormMate is very inexpensive ($29.95) for what you get.
You are welcome to download an unlicensed version to try it out. The unlicensed version has the full functionality of the licensed version, but does place a watermark over the document. This watermark disappears once you purchase and register FormMate (by simply entering a valid registration key).

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